ISO Rules - Specified Penalties

The MSA is granted the power and authority under s. 52 of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act (Act) to issue a notice of specified penalty where the MSA is satisfied that a market participant has contravened an ISO rule. The range of specified penalties is set out in Rule 019 of the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). Section 5 of AUC Rule 019 provides direction to the MSA regarding the publication of a notice of specified penalty. A notice of specified penalty can be disputed by the market participant against whom it is issued, in accordance with the Act. The publication of notices will include such disputed matters, and will also provide a link to any decision of the AUC respecting a particular specified penalty. Where a penalty is not specified in AUC Rule 019, the MSA may pursue a settlement under s. 44 of the Act or the MSA may pursue the matter under s. 51 of the Act and recommend an administrative penalty.

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